About Benefit Funds

The Philadelphia Carpenters Benefit Funds consists of three large separate Trust Funds. They have been created by Declarations of Trust, and maintained pursuant to the terms of several Collective Bargaining Agreements between the Carpenters Metropolitan Regional Council of Philadelphia and Vicinity, and Employers, who are represented in bargaining by various employer associations, including the General Building Contractors Association, Inc.

All of our Trust Funds are not-for-profit, exist and operate for the sole and exclusive benefit of their Participants. The three Trust Funds are administered by separate Boards of Administration, comprised of an equal number of Union and Employer Trustees. The Funds are operated, administered, and maintained in total compliance with the provisions of governing law. The funding sources of the Trust Funds are the employer contributions that are paid pursuant to collective bargaining agreements, plus income derived from the investment of Fund Reserves.

The Philadelphia Carpenters Benefit Fund has published this web site in order to provide Participants with important information and frequent updates in a timely and immediate format through the Internet. Each department's Benefits are described seperately for your convenience.

Carpenters Benefit Funds
1811 Spring Garden Street
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19130-3916
215-568-0430 (phone)
800-976-FUND (toll free phone, outside 215-area only)
E-mail - fundadmin@philacarpenter.org 

Pete Tonia, Coordinator of Benefits

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1811 Spring Garden Street Philadelphia, PA 19130-3916 | (phone) 215-568-0430 | (fax) 215-496-0173